Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” -Sir Winston Churchill, Former British Prime Minister

Let me introduce….  John Davison

“Just how committed are you to make those changes to get the results you are looking for from your business…  are you keen to keep a great work life balance…  and do you really want to achieve sustainable growth and profitability…  then I’d like to meet with you!”


Does your business truly deliver the lifestyle you want?  Is your business providing you with the level of income you deserve?… Are you able to go home, switch off and relax at the end of the day?… Are you able to take time off/holidays when you want them? If you were to take a year out of your business would it continue to grow? As your Coach I give you the support and help you need to achieve the success you are looking for both in business and life. 


Is success in business taking too long?  As your Coach, I will push you harder than you would push yourself to achieve great results (and that includes ensuring you are achieving good balance in your life). I have an energetic, natural entrepreneurial spirit and positive, direct style. I will make sure that you are keeping to good business practices and will keep you focused on implementing the plans and strategies that we agree on.


Are you still struggling to develop a successful plan for your business? Using ActionCOACH’s proven “6 Steps System” I’ll demonstrate just how to grow your business in a manageable, sustainable and “fun” way. You’ll learn the skills you need to become a great business leader and I’ll even help you extend your vision of what is achievable….


Why am I a great Coach? Quite simply – I coach my clients to amazing results!  With the ActionCOACH approach to business development and my own extensive experience in running a successful business for 20+ years I have helped my Clients achieve outstanding success. Although clients come from different industries they have one thing in common… Those who have worked with me for over 12 months have achieved between a 40% – 60% profit increase. And many are working less hours than when we started out.


Now, if you have read this far you hopefully will have seen something interesting or perhaps I have not yet given you sufficient information. So look, here is a video which really takes a look at coaches and clients…


So, could I coach you?  Absolutely …..  If you have a real desire to set and achieve some great goals, and you are willing to bring an open mind and a serious willingness to change any beliefs that may be limiting your success….

And what would be your next step to find out more? 

Simple, we need a confidential and informal chat about your business when we can discover the challenges and opportunities and then, if we can both see the value in meeting, you can book a complementary coaching session with me.

Call me 01423 418282 or 07731 183319 or email  johndavison@actioncoach.com